Clodagh Bowyer is currently starring in the upcoming comedy series, “On the Lig,” from Emmy award-winning writer/director, Niall McKay, to be premiered at the Irish Screen America Film Festival in LA Sept. 25-27.

Though born in Ireland, Clodagh was raised in Las Vegas, and is the daughter of Showband legend, Brendan Bowyer.

irish_screen_america2After many years committed to her work with the New York Irish Consulate and Irish actors and dignitaries, Clodagh recently relocated to Los Angeles, and is now working with the Irish Screen America LA in the capacity of Deputy Director.

In 2015, she completed her Master’s degree at NYU/ Glucksman Ireland House in Irish and Irish American Studies with an emphasis on business.

She is passionate about community building and working with the Irish government and Irish and Irish-American arts organizations to strengthen relationships, and entrepreneurship between Ireland and the U.S.


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Recent Acting Works

  • Clodagh most recently played Regan in a celebrity gala performance of “Lear”, directed by/starring Paul Sorvino.
  • Last summer she was enjoying Shakespeare in the Hamptons, playing Titania & Hippolyta in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with Hamptons Independent Theater Festival.
  • She played various characters in the New York Times critically acclaimed audio book “Skippy Dies.
  • International bestselling author, Colum McCann chose her for his Oscar nominated short story “Everything in this Country Must” & also “Sisters” in audio book.
  • On the New York Stage, she is an annual performer in Bloomsday on Broadway” at Symphony Space for many years now, sharing the stage with Gabriel Byrne, Malachy McCourt, and many other theater and film legends.
  • She has performed in many Off-Broadway productions which have garnered Obie and AUDELCO awards. Some of her favorites were “The Shaughraun” (The Storm Theater in Times Square), “Native Son” and “Rhinoceros” (The Classical Theatre of Harlem), “The Playboy of the Western World” (The Irish Repertory Theatre), “The Bells of Christmas” (Ensemble Studio Theater, The Irish Arts Center, and Joe’s Pub), and “The Weir” (staged reading – Guild Hall, East Hampton, and HERE Arts Center.)
  • She played the role of Marian in “Beyond the Pale” which won the Special Jury Prize at the 1st Irish Festival with Origin Theater Company. She has recently been invited to reprise the role for film.
  • Other roles include Glorie in “Grace & Glorie” (Tri-State Actors Theater in NJ), Sarah in “The Lover” (Irish Classical Theatre Company – Buffalo Critics Pick), Jean Louise in “To Kill a Mockingbird” (Everyman Palace in Ireland), Varvara in “The Storm” (St. John’s Theater in Ireland), Maire in “Translations” (Ireland), and the title role in “Sunshine Sally” (New York).
  • TV appearances include “The Sopranos” (HBO), “The Ambassador” (RTE), and many commercials and voiceovers.


  • Clodagh trained with Circle in the Square, graduated from The Neighborhood Playhouse, and also studied with The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.
  • In addition to her Masters in Irish and Irish-American Studies, Clodagh also holds a BFA in Theater Education from the University of Utah and State University of New York.
  • Clodagh is also a USPTR certified Tennis Professional.

“Tremendous Talent, Tremendous Person!”

Joe Paradise – Producer “Lear”



On the Lig

Emmy award-winning
director, Nial...

Fishing the Sloe-Black River

Audible.com Lead characters The shor...


Directed by and starring
Paul So...

Beyond the Pale

Special Jury Prize
Directed by K...

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Gerard Doyle...

Bloomsday on Broadway

With Gabriel Byrne
and Malachy M...

The Sopranos

Cast as: Tennis Pro/Constulta...

Norman & Beatrice

HBG Production
Cast as: Beatrice...

The Storm

Cast as: Varvara...


Colum McCann...

To Kill a Mockingbird

Cast as: Jean Louise...


Cast as: Maire...

The Ambassador

Sydney Macartney...

The Lover

Irish Classical Theatre
Cast as...

The Shaughraun

Directed by
Peter Dobbins...

Grace & Glorie

William Westhoven...

The Mousetrap

Carole Shelley...

The Weir

Staged reading with
Gerard Doyle...

Poor Beast in the Rain

Directed by
Terence Lamude...

The Bells of Christmas

Directed by
Ciarán O'Reilly...

The Threepenny Opera

Best Musical...

Playboy of the Western World

Directed by
Charlotte Moore...


Obie Award

Native Son

Obie Award

Skippy Dies

Paul Murray...

“Titania, a regal Clodagh Bowyer… filled the night air with laughter!”


Acting | Hosting


“Clodagh Bowyer is gaiety itself!”

Kerryman Newspaper



“…Her emotions emerge fully nuanced while her intellect shimmers on stage.”

Barbara Hammond – Playwright


sorvinoPaul Sorvino – Director “Lear”

“Clodagh does what I ask, she does it right away, and she has the talent to do it!”

paradiseJoe Paradise – Producer “Lear”

“Tremendous talent! Tremendous person!”

kittleKevin Kittle – Director “Beyond the Pale”

“I don’t need to write a voluminous testimonial about Clodagh Bowyer. I can do it in two words. If you are a director reading this: Cast Clodagh. That’s it. If you need someone to anchor your show: Cast Clodagh. If you need someone who can somehow simultaneously be earth & sky, dark & luminous, sexy & practical: Cast Clodagh. If you need someone who can take your shaky, inarticulate, run-on notes and come back the next day with more clarity and depth than you even thought you wanted: Cast Clodagh. That’s it. Please trust me. Stop looking now and just cast Clodagh. You’ll thank me later.”

irish_voiceThe Irish Voice on “The Bells of Christmas” at Irish Repertory Theatre

“Bowyer with her tall height, regal bearing and low-pitched voice presents quite a contrast… from heart-warming comedy to heartbreaking poignancy.”

mccourtMalachy McCourt

“When I saw Clodagh recently on stage (Symphony Space) it occurred to me they did not need lighting as the whole place lit up when she entered. She is a magnetic performer-versatile, funny and a very committed professional who makes it all look so easy. All of us theater folk old and young can learn from attending any of her performances. Tony Emmy Oscar here comes Clodagh!”


“Titania, a regal Clodagh Bowyer… filled the night air with laughter!”

East Hampton Star

“Clodagh Bowyer, equally accomplished, with a resume heavy with Off-Broadway and Irish Theater, are obvious standouts. Bowyer’s Titania… is commanding.”

daily_recordThe Daily Record on “Grace & Glorie”

“…the statuesque (Clodagh) Bowyer… is terrific!”

The NewYorker

“Comic melodrama, an energetic production… elaborate plot… the cast, under the direction of Peter Dobbins, delivers likable, admirably low-shtick performances that keep things entertaining.”

Irish Echo

“Director Dobbins has been extremely fortunate with his casting. Just as fine is Clodagh Bowyer… steadfastly loyal and loving.”


“Theatrical magic going on at The Storm Theatre of a pure and rare variety… in all its pixilated, blarney spouting glory, just as it ought to be seen… edge of your seat, fast-paced adventure and just might bring a tear to your sentimental eye… gloriously extraordinary… old-fashioned, unabashed charm.”

Irish Voice

“Other standouts in this lively romp include Clodagh Bowyer.”

russellWarner Brothers’ Rob Russell

“The Shaughraun was absolutely delightful and fun, and the cast was brilliant! Mrs. O’Kelly (Clodagh Bowyer) was mesmerizing! I’d see it again and again. Totally worth the ticket!”

franklinJoe Franklin Legendary Radio/Talk show host

“The Shaughraun was sensational! Terrific talent all the way through the cast. What fun!”


“For those who think Irish playwrighting consists largely of boozers gabbing blarney, enlighten yourself with The Shaughraun. Clodagh Bowyer… brings wit!”

curtain_upCurtain Up

“The Shaughraun is an important piece of theater history… ClodaghBowyer… comic contrast!”

corkCork Examiner on “To Kill a Mockingbird

“This was a particularly impressive interpretation of an essentially difficult role.”

hammondBarbara Hammond, Playwright

“Clodagh did so much more than fill the role of Marian, she filled the whole world of the play with her presence. Her acting transparent, her emotions translucent. One feels in the presence of true, confident and mature talent. Her emotions emerge fully nuanced while her intellect shimmers on stage.”

Fiona O’Connor, Director

“We needed an exceptionally strong actress and when we auditioned Clodagh for the part, we realized she was right for the job.”

buffaloBuffalo News

“Clodagh Bowyer is effective in suggesting that Sarah, the rather self-assured wife, and Dolores, the ‘lovely whore,’ are merely variations upon a theme rather than multiple personalities.”

kerrymanThe Kerryman Newspaper

“As for the impish, yet sympathetic Varvara (in “The Storm” by Ostrovsky)… Clodagh Bowyer is gaiety itself!”

“…they did not need lighting as the whole place lit up when she entered.”

Malachy McCourt

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“…Stop looking now and just cast Clodagh. You’ll thank me later.”

Kevin Kittle – Director “Beyond the Pale”

“Mrs. O’Kelly (Clodagh Bowyer) was mesmerizing! I’d see it again and again.”

Warner Brothers’ Bob Russell

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